Suede & Bombers!

Hey! Hope your all enjoying this beautiful day..I surely am!

Love this crisp clean weather New Jersey has today… Getting me ready for Fall (which I love) haha.. As you see in my picture down below suede leggings in the summer why not? Super comfy and cool.


My outfit for the day.

This fall suede is in and I’m LOVING IT!!!! Dresses, pants, and skirts; you name it suede is in! Now we just need the nice cooler weather to start coming in.

Bomber jackets are just everything to me! I’m always chilly; yes even in the summer… haha. Bombers are just super light and look awesome with any outfit you are wearing. Best is they are super affordable. You can rock them going out on a date or just doing daily errands.

Will be linking on where you can get my outfit and I will also have different ones you may like! Best is they are super affordable.


My outfit-details when you click on the word “here”

Crop top: HERE
Bomber Jacket://">HERE
Suede Leggings: HERE

More Bomber Jackets

More Suede Leggings
high-waisted khaki://">HERE

Im thinking of putting up a blog on all my daily makeup and creams I use! Let me know if you are interested in that… Have a beautiful day, and make sure to enjoy it!