Choker necklaces 😻

Hey loves,

Happy Hump Day!! Past few days have been hectic celebration after celebration. I love birthdays! Yesterday was my husbands birthday and we decided to go out to dinner just two of us. So what best way to try out my new choker I received from Necessary Clothing. They are just beautiful little touch to add to your outfit, I personally think so! This fall is all about chokers; I would love to see you all rock some!


 beautiful chokers I received..

I couldn’t decide which outfit to choose from yesterday.

I ended up picking outfit to the right. Just felt like it was more of a week dinner outfit.


I’m super excited to do my first GIVEAWAY!!! You heard right I will be picking two lucky winners to win a choker to rock this Fall!

How to enter for a chance to win is:

  1. Make sure you subscribe to my BLOG.
  2. Follow me on Instagram– noagord0n

If you don’t have instagram don’t worry just make sure you follow step number 1. If you already have both steps complete you are ahead of the game! Yes, its super easy just two simple steps. I will be picking my winners (2) in 24 hours!



The giveaway chokers


Fall Loving 🌿🍃🍂🍁

Hi Loves,

Now that we are getting into the Fall season I love to take out my Fall outfits I have been storing for a few weeks! I love to shop online, and best find cute and affordable items. Lets face it nobody has time in a day to hit the mall. Don’t get me wrong I love me a good mall day, but that just doesn’t happen much. Being a busy mom I am pulled in all different directions. So online shopping is an awesome thing for this mommy right here! Check out below the items I’m wearing.cropped-cooltext207347248845670.png



214MKWbZb2L.jpg                          415BWyMg-GL.jpg                 dzz92063_gold_xl.jpeg

NXY lipstick                                palette                      chain choker

hmprod.jpeg                hmprod-1.jpeg                   50845641.jpeg

    jeans                               Zip/ cardigan           peep toe booties









Hey! How is everyone loving this Fall like weather?? I am, Loving it!

This weekend one of my good friends since infancy got married. She got married in a beautiful Victorian Mansion upstate New York. Breathtaking was the place!

The dress that I wore to what I call the Enchanted Mansion was perfect for the place. It was ideal to the whole set up of occasion. I purchased this dress when Carli Bybel launched her new set of clothing with Missguided. It was an exclusive and sold out super fast. Missguided has others that are some what the same style! If you HURRY you can still catch some of Carli Bybel collection. I’ll list all the details on the outfit on the bottom!


My two main men!

Seen on me

dress:HERE     sandals: HERE

lip color:HERE    lip liner:HERE

eyelashes:HERE  eyeshadow/highlighter pallete: HERE



Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Congar

Suede & Bombers!

Hey! Hope your all enjoying this beautiful day..I surely am!

Love this crisp clean weather New Jersey has today… Getting me ready for Fall (which I love) haha.. As you see in my picture down below suede leggings in the summer why not? Super comfy and cool.


My outfit for the day.

This fall suede is in and I’m LOVING IT!!!! Dresses, pants, and skirts; you name it suede is in! Now we just need the nice cooler weather to start coming in.

Bomber jackets are just everything to me! I’m always chilly; yes even in the summer… haha. Bombers are just super light and look awesome with any outfit you are wearing. Best is they are super affordable. You can rock them going out on a date or just doing daily errands.

Will be linking on where you can get my outfit and I will also have different ones you may like! Best is they are super affordable.


My outfit-details when you click on the word “here”

Crop top: HERE
Bomber Jacket://">HERE
Suede Leggings: HERE

More Bomber Jackets

More Suede Leggings
high-waisted khaki://">HERE

Im thinking of putting up a blog on all my daily makeup and creams I use! Let me know if you are interested in that… Have a beautiful day, and make sure to enjoy it!

Black & Gray

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Good Morning Everyone!! It’s a beautiful day isn’t it? It’s great we all alive.

Showing you my  comfy/errands out the door outfit! Such a simple look, leggings and gray-tee, but I love the simplicity of it. Also, I must say I was never a sneaker chick. I can say for the past 6 months I started using them, and now my sneaker collection is getting pretty large! Scott always spoils me and got me the sneakers( black and white adidas superstar). I’ll link the pages on where you can find the outfit! Thank you all for the support.

Outfit Details 




//“>Adidas Superstar