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 Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about my workout routine and hopefully answer some questions that I have been receiving. So, one of my biggest points of emphasis with my workout routine is to make sure that I am not doing the same exercises and same things each day. What I mean is that I do not do a “full-body” day everyday. I like to mix up the muscles that I workout and focus on each day. One day will be a focus on legs and butt, the next will be triceps, biceps, and chest, and the next back and shoulders.(yes it can all be done at home if the gym in not your thing). I try to mix up the exercises I do and try new things. Don’t get me wrong there are certainly exercises that I repeat, but I am always on the hunt for new exercises and new ways to push my body outside of it’s comfort zone. I have also received a bunch of questions regarding how often I workout? I workout 4 days a week for around an hour. I usually workout first thing in the morning, but sometimes thats not easy at all. The key for me is being consistent each week and doing my best to be there each day! Eating healthy and keeping a well stable diet is what your body needs as well. I can’t say it clearly on how much water you should drink daily. It’s so important on a daily basis. I have listed in before that I drink around 80-100 ozes of water daily. I use my Hydro Flask  everyday and I jsut fill it up. Heres a little picture on what to go by if you want to know how much water you should intake daily.


I hope all this helps, I will continue to share more details regarding my workouts and workout routine. To me, working out is all about being as healthy as you can and building CONFIDIENCE. I know I feel better when I exercise and making it a part of my daily life has helped me so much with the energy I have each day. Thank you all for following and for your love and support! If you have any questions leave me a message.


The changes a woman goes through…

Every woman goes through hard times either to lose weight; or getting to that ideal weight  we all dream off. This topic is always very hard to deal with and there isn’t a magic pill, or ” do this factor and you will lose weight”. I truly believe every woman should first LOVE their body physically and mentally through every aspect of life! Embrace what you have and start working from there!

During my pregnancy all I had in my mind was how will I lose all this weight! Your not really in control of your body during that time and it just gets bigger and bigger; and then POOF- you feel like you are going to explode. When Scottie was born I looked at my body a few days after and said ” I don’t look or feel nothing like I use to”.  Yes, I just gave birth; but I was dwelling on how my body looked and if it would ever go back to what it use to be. I’m not complaining I loved and enjoyed being pregnant! It was beautiful experience. What terrified me the most was getting on that scale! I gained 25 pounds during my whole 38 weeks of being pregnant. I know some will say that’s nothing. For me it was A LOT!


Just a day before I gave birth to my son.

These are a few things I did and changed, and let me tell you it has helped me so much!


I know most of you HEAR the word “exercise” and either say I don’t have time for that; or  is just not my thing, and I know it’s not for everyone. That’s not the only thing you can do to feel good with your body. Just like eating healthy exercise is another factor that makes me feel like im in control of my body! I’m always challenging myself, and pushing for better changes. My exercise starts with cardio (either walking or go on my blowflex machine). Then I move to one part of the body I’m working on. I now moved up to two body parts a day. When I started this I would only do it maybe twice a week. I’m now doing it 5-6 times a week. I’m super proud and amazed on what my body did, all the changes it went through. I truly believe having my strong body made me create such a healthy big boy!

Nutrition; Eating healthy

Yes, I said it eating healthy! When I eat bad my body feels crappy. Feeling crappy means next time I want to indulge into some french fries I’ll STOP myself and say my body doesn’t need it. I focus more on eating protein which is fueling my body with high quality nutrients. Not only is this making me feel better it’s also making me change the way I eat. Don’t get me wrong also indulge into one day of something you really enjoy! I do it all the time; giving myself some delicious ice cream! My number one thing that is SUPER important is drinking a lot a lot  of water! My husband Scott before I got pregnant bought me a bottle called hydro flask cause I daily would drink so much water. I still drink a lot of water from that bottle daily, on a normal day I intake 3-4 (120-160 ounces) bottles of water. YES, it’s a lot of water but I truly believe water cleans your system out!

LOVE YOUR BODY AT ALL TIMES!!! –the most important one to me

Focusing on accepting your body is the first step. Think about all the things you like about your body and focus on that first! Yes, I’m one that dwells on somethings I don’t like about my body, but then I come to say my body is more than just flaws. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing! A womans body can just change so much and nurture that baby inside of you. Just that alone is a beautiful thing to always remember that your body can do! Ladies always be proud of what your body did or can do. It took 9 months for the whole process, give your body another 9 months to lose the weight. Believe and push yourself!


On the left 37 weeks pregnant/ right 10 months postpartum 

If you guys want to know a more in-depth exercise routines just comment on the bottom and let me know!

Thank you for all the support!