Snow Day Fun

Hey Everyone! How crazy that Christmas is this weekend!!!

I been wanting to do some indoor snow fun with Scottie, but always something or somewhere we have had to go. Last night we watched Frozen, and I have had all day in my head, ” Do you want to build a Snowman” so making our own snow it was!

I made this a few years back in my job, it’s super easy and done with things you already have in your house. I couldn’t quite remember the measurements but I ended up doing 3 cups of baking soda and 1 1/2 cups of white conditioner (any will do ). This made he was the happiest little man today! This is an easy to do project and a lot of fun, best thing it smells so good.



Thank you, hope everyone has a very and healthy Holiday!


Some-Spooky FUN

Hey! yes it’s that time, DIY projects for Halloween & Fall!

If you know me I LOVE every kind of holiday, I love to decorate the whole house! BEst of all I love to make so many DIY things for each individual holiday. I have finally started Halloween. A bit late this year, but its all good cause I was busy with my son’s first birthday. ( see other post with all the details on that).


These BOO letters are awesome, Heidi Swapp is totally my new obsession. She has so many cool things that you can create! I picked these letters up in August, and I made them a few weeks ago. What comes in the package is the letters, the light bulbs, and the banner that you will see in the picture below. How awesome all that for so cheap! Best of all you can decorate it and make it however you want it to look!

img_6761Final look! love how it came out! as you see the banner also came with the letters.The rest I bought at Target. EEK letters, pom-pom garland, and bat garland was all at Target.

I’ll list some of her super cute Halloween things! check it out, they are super affordable and will make your house stand out for this Halloween!

*click on the word and it will take you to where you can purchase it*

61hja9BkM3L._SL1365_.jpgdia de los muertos skeleton



witch hat



I’ll be posting a lot more now through the holidays! Have an awesome day, and thank you for coming to visit my blog. If you have any questions please comment below.


A Little About The Gordon’s


I’m Ahinoa; wife to Scott and
mama to Scottie + our fur baby Leon.

My little familia.


I first met my husband when I was 18 at a Halloween party! Few years went by and we met again when I was 21 for “our first official” date. As my husband would say it was definitely  love at first sight. Our love just got stronger. We were what you can say that last piece to the puzzle that was missing in our lives, he truly is my best friend! In 2012 I was engaged to the man of my life. We wasted no time and  planned it all. I married my best friend  on February 15, 2014. It was truly the wedding I always dreamed of; best of all it was with the man I wanted by my side.


YES it snowed! but my pictures came out BEAUTIFUL

We then welcomed our “Viking” baby Scottie into our family on September 22, 2015. My whole life changed when I set eyes on my precious little boy. I never knew how much love you burst out right when you meet your precious little baby. I have enjoyed so much staying home with Scottie. Both Scottie and I have learned so much in the past 10 months. Me of course this whole world of being a mom, and Scottie learning all about this new world that he is in. Let me tell you its going great, and I love being a MOM! Scottie is learning and exploring new things everyday. It’s just an awesome experience to be able to catch and cherish all the new milestones he is coming across.


I have always been creative; from DIY projects to decorating for the holidays. I have that interest in always making or creating something new. The holidays have always been my favorite. My house during my favorite holiday “Christmas” is always decorated! Every year  I create new joyful things. Yes I do enjoy all the crafts stores more than I should.  Each year I change-up the theme just cause I enjoy it so much! The other thing that I been very interested in is photography. Love capturing smiles, cries, dirty diapers, messes all over, and the list can go on! I have always enjoyed taking pictures, but ever since Scottie was born I have created a passion for it. I have been capturing so many beautiful moments of my son and I’m thrilled that I’m just getting better at it everyday!


This blog adventure is something I been thinking of doing since Scottie was born. Gave myself that extra push and decided to give it a try! I will now continue to blog my mama journey, DIY, my obsession over decorating for the holidays, photography, and all the adventures that we will make!