Incredibundles Diaper Subscription. The Perfect Baby Gift

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Hello, I’m back and with something pretty awesome for all. Im super thrilled to share with you all that I’m partnering up with to host an amazing giveaway for all of you! The whole concept behind IncrediBundles is truly convenient and amazing!

Mamas, Dadas, grandparents, aunts, cousins any one looking for the perfect baby gift look no more. IncrediBundles has made giving the perfect baby gift easy and affordable for any budget! In three easy steps you are on your way to sending a thoughtful gift that a mama to be can truly appreciate! What is this wonderful gift you ask? Diapers! and let me tell you being a mama of two DIAPERS are always something we need!!!

Me as a mama of 2, I’m constantly making those trips back and forth for diapers. IncrediBundles is a complete game changer and makes the job so much simple and easy.

How it works:

Step 1: YOU select  subscription Length. Choose to give a 3, 6, 9 or 12-month diaper subscription.

Step 2: IncrediBundles sends you an Announcement Package announcing your gift!


The Announcement Package features an adorable premium plush teddy bear that is SO soft! This cute little bear is holding a certificate announcing your gift. How adorable is that really? The certificate will include your recipient’s unique code, which they will then use to redeem their diapers. The announcement package can be sent directly to the recipient or to you, to present at an event.

Step 3: Your recipient redeems their diapers

You might be asking yourself, “What if they like a specific brand of diapers?” No problem! Your recipient gets to choose the brand and size of diapers they would like each time they redeem an installment. They have the option of choosing from Pampers, Huggies, Luvs and Member’s Mark Diapers. The diapers are then delivered straight to their door.

DSC_5332 copy dipper bundle subscription are a hit baby showers, birthdays, holidays or even a great choice for companies to send employees embarking on the journey of parenthood! This is a gift that would truly be appreciated by a family expecting a child or one that has their hands full with a toddler. Who wouldn’t want to receive diapers as a gift! I know I would!

Check out to learn more.

Now its giveaway time! Incredibundles wants to bless one lucky mama with a 3 month diaper bundle subscription. How great is that! You can redeem the prize for yourself or give it to a love one!

How to enter go over to my Instagram page noagord0n and ENTER!

Giveaway Closes July 21st 12pm EST.



The perfect bag on the go!

Hey everyone it’s been forever I know, after having my little girl we needed some time off. I have finally been able to sit back and get back to everything! Hope your ready for some awesome post coming your way.

My daily routine with two kids now has been good, we are truly blessed! I have always been very anal on a routine, even when I didn’t have kids. Now getting out of the house is easier, specially cause my bag from Mina Kay Bags is so stylish & super comfy. I am able to fit everything that is needed for both my kids. “gosh” you know that can be a lot of stuff, “haha”. It’s super roomie inside and love the sides cause your able to fit any kind of big bottle or even just a normal water bottle.


I was able to enjoy some outdoor activities this weekend, and I took my Mina Kay bag on the go with me. I got so many people who stopped me to asked me if it was a diaper bag, I was so happy to say YES!! You don’t ever find such pretty stylish diaper bags, and this one is a must. Not only does Mina Kay have book bags it has shoulder bags as well. I recommend you check the site out!Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

Hope you all have a beautiful rest of the week! Again, thank you for alway following along! xoxo

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Fall is in the Air

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Happy September!!!

It’s one of my favorite months, wonderful things happening this month! My son turn 2 this month, I’m still in denial that he’s already almost 2. Time is flying by. Fall is in the air, all store are filling up the shelves with Fall accessories and Halloween costumes. The best is out too, Pumpkin Spice everything is back!!! So it hasn’t been super hard yet to dress up this bump. I been pretty lucky using my non-materity dresses. Lets see how long this can last up till. I will post where I got the outfit but it’s not from this year, but the stores I’m going to mention always have things like this all the time.



Bodycon Dress

Fringe Boots

Fringe Vest



Processed with VSCO with a4 presethey Everyone!

It’s been a while that I have written on here. Lots happen since then, if you follow me on instagram you already know we are expecting a little bundle of joy this December.

I’m going to be completely honest and say that Im still in shock when I first heard the word “GIRL” from the doctor. Not because I didn’t want a girl, I just always had in my mind that I was going to be a mama of boys. I have always wanted a little mini girlfriend (mini me). So many feeling came to be when I was told the news that I started crying some happy tears. Then I sat back and started thinking on how will i be able to raise a girl, Im all use to boys, their fashion, being messy, always getting dirty, and the fact that i would be mama’s boy! Yes, if you know me I’m a very super GIRLY girl; I truly can’t wait to dress this little girl up. She for sure will hate how many pictures ill be taking of her. Her older brother will teach her just go with it and it will end faster than you know it. haha

I’m excited for this new ride. When I hear all the mama’s with their beautiful stories about how girls love their mama, but love their daddy more in a special way. I cant wait to see that bond between them. I’m so lucky I’m to get the best of both worlds! I’ll have my mini me to go shopping with & get mani and pedi dates. This little girl has already stolen my heart. Im counting down the weeks to finally meet her. She is going to be loved by her older brother, daddy, and myself!

We are over the moon excited and can’t wait to meet out little precious baby girl!

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Being a MOM Rocks

Hey everyone! Happy New Year! This year I’ll be opening up more and telling you more about my life.

Starting my 2017 post with expressing how being a mom rocks, and its experience is totally different in everyones point of views.


(picture of probably my 5 minutes of down time I have before Scottie wakes up)

I LOVE being a mom. Even when I am tired and worn out its the best gig I have ever had.

 Every mom has their own experience on motherhood. Im super happy with my own, and the path it has led me . I refuse to scare the younger, newer mothers about whats to come. Being a mother deserves all our respect, but we don’t have to over dramatize it and make it sound like the world is going to end in order to get some respect.

Motherhood is a scary experience. It can be whatever we choose to make of it. I truly chose to LOVE it. Im excited I have a toddler that keeps me super busy and on my toes, to be tired, and to be so in love that my heart feels like its going to explode. Everyday is a new experience with Scottie, he has grown so much and fast. He is now so independent, it’s a bit upsetting to see him grow so fast; but I’m so lucky to have such a smart little boy. The future holds a lot in store for the Gordon’s and I know this year will be a great one!

Motherhood is fun. I love everything about it and feel truly honored and lucky to be a Mama.


Snow Day Fun

Hey Everyone! How crazy that Christmas is this weekend!!!

I been wanting to do some indoor snow fun with Scottie, but always something or somewhere we have had to go. Last night we watched Frozen, and I have had all day in my head, ” Do you want to build a Snowman” so making our own snow it was!

I made this a few years back in my job, it’s super easy and done with things you already have in your house. I couldn’t quite remember the measurements but I ended up doing 3 cups of baking soda and 1 1/2 cups of white conditioner (any will do ). This made he was the happiest little man today! This is an easy to do project and a lot of fun, best thing it smells so good.



Thank you, hope everyone has a very and healthy Holiday!


Stay-at-home mom


Hey Everyone! Happy Friday!

I’m finally brining this up, yes I’m a stay at home mom. This is a subject that comes up all the time; parties, food shopping, with family, and I can go on. When some hear the phrase ” Stay at Home Mom” they immediately think that  the mom does absolutely nothing all day.

 Few questions Scott or I get..

How ’bout your wife? Is she back at work yet?”

“So is your wife staying at home permanently?”

“You can be home all day?”

“What do you do with yourself all day “

“Must be nice to have breaks all day long “

It’s true — being a mom isn’t a “job.” A job is something you do for part of the day and then stop doing. You get a paycheck. You have unions, benefits and break rooms. haha mom’s don’t have break rooms, we either need to wait till they are napping or have them in with us in the bathroom. Having a job is necessary for some — it is for me — but I’m truly blessed that I can  stay home and watch my son grow, and see all his milestones. Whatever your job is — you are expendable. You are a number. You are a calculation. You can be replaced. A mother can NEVER  be replaced. The love & the nurture can and will never be replaced by what a mother and their child have.

Imagine that all the moms out their quit their  role as mother, entire lives would be turned upside down; society would suffer greatly. The ripples of that tragedy would be felt for generations. If they all  quit their (stay at home mom)  who would teach the morals of life, or which roads you should try to lead your child too.

Yes, I’m a mom, and before being a mom I never knew what this love ways. My son has open my eyes so much! I because of him have moved on in my life. I have  accomplished  so many things in a year that were just sitting in my head and never moving forward with. Yes! I’m learning to be a mom everyday, never do books help out. You learn from your own mistakes, and just get better at them.

Did I ever think I was going to stay home, NO! I never had in my mind that I wold be a stay at home mom. I’m very active person and I like my schedule set for the day. When Scottie was born and whole new world opened up. I loved my job, but what I loved most was my son. Scott and I didn’t want to put him up in daycare so little, and I was truly blessed that Scott and I decided for me to stay home with him. This past year I have seen so much growth, milestones, and love that Scottie has built and shown me. Im so glad I can teach my son  how to be  a little human , and, as he grows, I will JUST teach him all things, from morals, to manners, to the ABC’s, to hygiene, and to loving one another.

Woman in general, not only moms need to help and support women more. Everyone loves to just talk their mouths out but not help each other out. Being a mom is hard in any way. Either if your working or not working. The job of mom is hard and stressful. Not only do women have to be a mom; they have to be a wife, a cook, a cleaner, and resting arm, a friend, a teacher, and the list can go on.. Ladies we are all the same in so many ways! We are truly superwoman, we can accomplish so much in a day, and nothing stops or gets in our way!

Thank you for all the support! My next blog I will have up will be daily schedule, what I do with my son through out the day… If you have any questions please list them below.



Building Traditions during the Holiday Season

Hey Everyone! I’m back and promise to start blogging a lot more. Was super busy getting my store ready, as I explained in my earlier blog. If you haven’t; please go visit my shop. I know you will love it!


I have always LOVED Christmas! When I think of christmas my whole soul thinks of my amazing experiences I had during my childhood. As like my grandpa cutting and bring the christmas tree, baking  cookies with grandma, decorating with my cousins, and a huge table to fit us all during Christmas Eve dinner. My memories can go on, and just how I build those memories I want Scottie to have the same experience. This year I love to see Scottie’s face expressions when he sees all the new things.  The lights shimmering, the tree, ornaments, presents, the elf, the baking, and the list can go on! I want to live these precious moments through his eyes.

I want to start traditions now that he can understand, and grow with them every year. My goal is for him to look back when he’s older and remember how beautiful Christmas time is.

Some traditions that we will be adding to our list this year will be:

Decorate his tree & home Christmas tree: 

This year I decided to put a Christmas tree in his room, and Scottie totally loves it. Makes his room full of christmas spirit. His tree doesn’t have an ornaments that break. We both went Target and picked out the ornaments for his little christmas tree. We made it into a woodland christmas theme. Totally love how it looks. I’m hoping that every year he adds to his little tree ornaments.


When I took out the BIG tree to put in my living room, Scottie’s face was priceless and full of excitement. He was so interested in what it was and why it had so many lights. I started to decorate it with him around. He would run and look at everything I was putting up. Best part of if was when he saw the Christmas train. He started blabbing away, who know what he was saying.. haha


Christmas lights: 

One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is to go look at Christmas lights! If we only did one Christmas-y event the whole season, hands-down it would be looking at Christmas lights. For me, it’s one of those moments that really capture the Christmas spirit – watching our kids “oooo” and “ahhhh” as flashing lights and colors dance across their faces. It’s spreading the joy of the season and dwelling in the gift of family.

Matching PJS/ Holiday PJS all month:

Every year, want to get Scottie & myself Christmas jammies that match. I will include my husband if he is down for it. Put on those jammies grabs some popcorn, hot cocoa, and read or watch and christmas movie. Yes, I’m pretty crazy but have Scottie in Holiday theme PJS all of December.


Christmas tree ceremony:

Find the date and time of when it will take place in our town, and go see the christmas tree ceremony take place while listening to them sign Christmas carols. Bring our hot cocoa and blankets to keep us warm.

Meeting Santa:

Last year Scottie was only few months old, so he didn’t even know what or who he was with. This year I can’t wait to see his face! I’m hoping he won’t start screaming haha…


Talking about the true meaning of Christmas:

Explaining how Christmas is not just about Santa.. It’s about Jesus being born, a beautiful day that it is. Tell him all about it, and on who went to visit him on January 6th…


Baking cookies & making a Gingerbread house:

I totally love this, house smelling like christmas cookies. Bake the cookies and then decorate them. Building our own gingerbread house while listening to Christmas music!

Count down to Christmas & wrap 24 Books:

Have our little countdown that we will move on a daily basis. When we move our count down we will grab one of the 24 wrapped books and pick one out. Unwrap it and read it all cuddled up!img_0100-2

Create a Christmas Bucket List:

This is pretty cool, had this in mind for a few years now. So we will create a Christmas Bucket List and fulfill it each day of December.


St. Nick:

Teach Scottie the true St. Nick and his generosity and love for those in need.

Create  a night before Christmas Box:

This box will include; PJS, some christmas books, movie, mug, and add any other goodies.


Leave Cookies & Milk for Santa:

Yes, for sure leaving cookies and milk for Santa by the fireplace is a plus! Make it a little more fun with leaving some food for the reindeer as well.. haha

Photo Collage:

Chose memorable pictures from the year and create an ornament.

Tradition Book:

Every year that I add traditions add it to the book. Keeping record of all the Christmas activities.

Write & Deliver Santa Letter:

Not only write Santa his list of what we want also telling him a little about my year. Example to him new things I have learned and tell him what my new year resolution will be.

My list can go on and on! But these for sure are some that I will be doing this Holiday season! Thank you for all the support. Let me hear some of your traditions that you do during the holiday season!


Noa’s Boutique

Hey!! hope everyone is enjoying their lovely Tuesday.


my little man & I

Sorry I have been MIA for a while. I have been on the works of opening my Etsy shop, and I accomplished it! As I show in my blog; I’m a very girly girl. Love fashion and everything that has to do with fashion. So I decided to open a little shop of bows for little girls, and  I included the little men too with super cute bow ties! Please go check it out, I’ll list my etsy store and also my instagram page… please don’t forget to follow me!

Thank you for all the support, and promise ill be coming out with new blogs this week!


Etsy  NoasLittleBoutique


90’s Look

Hey! Almost Friday yay!!


As you have noticed 90’s look(throwback) is making its way in. I’m loving it! I always love different kind of clothes- the high wasted jeans, satin, velvet, bomber jackets, high boots. It’s all hitting the stores and in many closets this year, I know in mine it is haha…

My look today is super 90’s its  screams satin with super high over the knee open toes boots. If you’re catching yourself saying “I could never pull that off”, your wrong! You can and you should! With these years hottest fashion trend and essential wardrobe staple the possibilities are really endless. Here is the outfit I put together when I received my boots this week.



Thanks for all the support, if there’s anything you want to see or know send me an email or comment below! And remember don’t be afraid to try new things! Go for it!


Bomber Jacket-HERE

 My jumpsuit is sold out –HERE


Open toe long boots-HERE