Being a MOM Rocks

Hey everyone! Happy New Year! This year I’ll be opening up more and telling you more about my life.

Starting my 2017 post with expressing how being a mom rocks, and its experience is totally different in everyones point of views.


(picture of probably my 5 minutes of down time I have before Scottie wakes up)

I LOVE being a mom. Even when I am tired and worn out its the best gig I have ever had.

 Every mom has their own experience on motherhood. Im super happy with my own, and the path it has led me . I refuse to scare the younger, newer mothers about whats to come. Being a mother deserves all our respect, but we don’t have to over dramatize it and make it sound like the world is going to end in order to get some respect.

Motherhood is a scary experience. It can be whatever we choose to make of it. I truly chose to LOVE it. Im excited I have a toddler that keeps me super busy and on my toes, to be tired, and to be so in love that my heart feels like its going to explode. Everyday is a new experience with Scottie, he has grown so much and fast. He is now so independent, it’s a bit upsetting to see him grow so fast; but I’m so lucky to have such a smart little boy. The future holds a lot in store for the Gordon’s and I know this year will be a great one!

Motherhood is fun. I love everything about it and feel truly honored and lucky to be a Mama.