Good morning guys!

I hope you all are having an AWESOME week.

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 Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about my workout routine and hopefully answer some questions that I have been receiving. So, one of my biggest points of emphasis with my workout routine is to make sure that I am not doing the same exercises and same things each day. What I mean is that I do not do a “full-body” day everyday. I like to mix up the muscles that I workout and focus on each day. One day will be a focus on legs and butt, the next will be triceps, biceps, and chest, and the next back and shoulders.(yes it can all be done at home if the gym in not your thing). I try to mix up the exercises I do and try new things. Don’t get me wrong there are certainly exercises that I repeat, but I am always on the hunt for new exercises and new ways to push my body outside of it’s comfort zone. I have also received a bunch of questions regarding how often I workout? I workout 4 days a week for around an hour. I usually workout first thing in the morning, but sometimes thats not easy at all. The key for me is being consistent each week and doing my best to be there each day! Eating healthy and keeping a well stable diet is what your body needs as well. I can’t say it clearly on how much water you should drink daily. It’s so important on a daily basis. I have listed in before that I drink around 80-100 ozes of water daily. I use my Hydro Flask  everyday and I jsut fill it up. Heres a little picture on what to go by if you want to know how much water you should intake daily.


I hope all this helps, I will continue to share more details regarding my workouts and workout routine. To me, working out is all about being as healthy as you can and building CONFIDIENCE. I know I feel better when I exercise and making it a part of my daily life has helped me so much with the energy I have each day. Thank you all for following and for your love and support! If you have any questions leave me a message.


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