KIDS Fashion on Instagram



One of the things I LOVE most about Instagram is all the shops that sell pretty awesome kids clothing. The ones that are followed under my son’s account I truly love the inspiration of style. Yes, I have my own style but it’s always nice to get some different look for my toddler outfit. Social Media is all about that correct! Inspiration is everything.

Kids Fashion I am totally obsessed with (good thing I don’t have a girl) haha.. Love to see the adorable tots in their awesome style. Inspired to have Scottie dressed in these adorable threads… but truth be told it can sometimes get expensive, so I’m always sticking to my budget. For today’s post I wanted to share some news, and shops you should check out! Scottie represents a few shops but these 3 awesome shops are my top 3…


Swagger couture is super stylish clothing from Australia. (you read correctly Australia). They have some pretty funky shirt and pants for both little girls and boys. Scottie is receiving a package this week from them and I can’t wait to see it! We have some awesome ideas for pictures to represent this shop!

Logan M Styles

Totally obsessed with this shops. Their beanies and infinity scarves are modern & fun; just out of this world! We were so happy that we are part of their team, and we are always representing the shop. Make sure you use the code FANFRIEND10- and the next 3 hours hurry get a 20% use SCOTTIE20%


Se7entees has super stylish tee-shirts. They make a toddlers fashion super cute & affordable! Scottie is a new member to this shop, and can’t wait to start rocking more of your awesome tee’s. The pumpkin king as you see on the picture above is from this shop.


Scottie is only one but I’m building his own style and uniqueness. He is an adventures kid that is creating his own style as well. I love to share these shops with you so you can get inspired, if you don’t follow them you totally should!

Make sure you now start following Scottie’s instagram page & mine if your not already

Scottiegordon_     &         Noagord0n


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