90’s Look

Hey! Almost Friday yay!!


As you have noticed 90’s look(throwback) is making its way in. I’m loving it! I always love different kind of clothes- the high wasted jeans, satin, velvet, bomber jackets, high boots. It’s all hitting the stores and in many closets this year, I know in mine it is haha…

My look today is super 90’s its  screams satin with super high over the knee open toes boots. If you’re catching yourself saying “I could never pull that off”, your wrong! You can and you should! With these years hottest fashion trend and essential wardrobe staple the possibilities are really endless. Here is the outfit I put together when I received my boots this week.



Thanks for all the support, if there’s anything you want to see or know send me an email or comment below! And remember don’t be afraid to try new things! Go for it!


Bomber Jacket-HERE

 My jumpsuit is sold out –HERE


Open toe long boots-HERE



Good morning guys!

I hope you all are having an AWESOME week.

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 Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about my workout routine and hopefully answer some questions that I have been receiving. So, one of my biggest points of emphasis with my workout routine is to make sure that I am not doing the same exercises and same things each day. What I mean is that I do not do a “full-body” day everyday. I like to mix up the muscles that I workout and focus on each day. One day will be a focus on legs and butt, the next will be triceps, biceps, and chest, and the next back and shoulders.(yes it can all be done at home if the gym in not your thing). I try to mix up the exercises I do and try new things. Don’t get me wrong there are certainly exercises that I repeat, but I am always on the hunt for new exercises and new ways to push my body outside of it’s comfort zone. I have also received a bunch of questions regarding how often I workout? I workout 4 days a week for around an hour. I usually workout first thing in the morning, but sometimes thats not easy at all. The key for me is being consistent each week and doing my best to be there each day! Eating healthy and keeping a well stable diet is what your body needs as well. I can’t say it clearly on how much water you should drink daily. It’s so important on a daily basis. I have listed in before that I drink around 80-100 ozes of water daily. I use my Hydro Flask  everyday and I jsut fill it up. Heres a little picture on what to go by if you want to know how much water you should intake daily.


I hope all this helps, I will continue to share more details regarding my workouts and workout routine. To me, working out is all about being as healthy as you can and building CONFIDIENCE. I know I feel better when I exercise and making it a part of my daily life has helped me so much with the energy I have each day. Thank you all for following and for your love and support! If you have any questions leave me a message.


KIDS Fashion on Instagram



One of the things I LOVE most about Instagram is all the shops that sell pretty awesome kids clothing. The ones that are followed under my son’s account I truly love the inspiration of style. Yes, I have my own style but it’s always nice to get some different look for my toddler outfit. Social Media is all about that correct! Inspiration is everything.

Kids Fashion I am totally obsessed with (good thing I don’t have a girl) haha.. Love to see the adorable tots in their awesome style. Inspired to have Scottie dressed in these adorable threads… but truth be told it can sometimes get expensive, so I’m always sticking to my budget. For today’s post I wanted to share some news, and shops you should check out! Scottie represents a few shops but these 3 awesome shops are my top 3…


Swagger couture is super stylish clothing from Australia. (you read correctly Australia). They have some pretty funky shirt and pants for both little girls and boys. Scottie is receiving a package this week from them and I can’t wait to see it! We have some awesome ideas for pictures to represent this shop!

Logan M Styles

Totally obsessed with this shops. Their beanies and infinity scarves are modern & fun; just out of this world! We were so happy that we are part of their team, and we are always representing the shop. Make sure you use the code FANFRIEND10- and the next 3 hours hurry get a 20% use SCOTTIE20%


Se7entees has super stylish tee-shirts. They make a toddlers fashion super cute & affordable! Scottie is a new member to this shop, and can’t wait to start rocking more of your awesome tee’s. The pumpkin king as you see on the picture above is from this shop.


Scottie is only one but I’m building his own style and uniqueness. He is an adventures kid that is creating his own style as well. I love to share these shops with you so you can get inspired, if you don’t follow them you totally should!

Make sure you now start following Scottie’s instagram page & mine if your not already

Scottiegordon_     &         Noagord0n


Velvet & Satin

Hey, Happy FRIDAY!!


I love my JEEP!

It’s beautiful out, and best of all the weekend starts today! I posted a snap yesterday on instagram of this outfit and I wanted to give you all the details about it! This outfit is great for a night out,a celebration, or just going to a nice dinner. It’s PERFECT for this Fall weather we are having! The satin pants are super comfortable to wear. I felt like the high-waisted pants  made me look taller, which is a PLUS!! Let’s move on to the velvet shirt, its absolutely one of my favorites. When I received it in the mail I couldn’t wait to try it on. It’s a one piece so you can really rock it with anything. Letting you know VELVET & SATIN is a total hit for this Fall & Winter, you want to get your hands on one or the other. Hope you guys enjoy this post! Comment below and let me know what you think. Yes, I picked my two winners(wasn’t easy at all) scrowl down and you will see who got those chokers.




I want to thank EVERYONE who participated in the GIVEAWAY! It definitely wasn’t easy to choose from. I chose Richelle Ramon & Dana Salas. Please don’t worry or be upset I will be having a lot more giveaways! Keep an eye out open cause it might be very soon… Thank you all again so MUCH!

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Details on where you can purchase the outfit you see on!

Suede pants-HERE

Velvet one piece-HERE



Choker necklaces 😻

Hey loves,

Happy Hump Day!! Past few days have been hectic celebration after celebration. I love birthdays! Yesterday was my husbands birthday and we decided to go out to dinner just two of us. So what best way to try out my new choker I received from Necessary Clothing. They are just beautiful little touch to add to your outfit, I personally think so! This fall is all about chokers; I would love to see you all rock some!


 beautiful chokers I received..

I couldn’t decide which outfit to choose from yesterday.

I ended up picking outfit to the right. Just felt like it was more of a week dinner outfit.


I’m super excited to do my first GIVEAWAY!!! You heard right I will be picking two lucky winners to win a choker to rock this Fall!

How to enter for a chance to win is:

  1. Make sure you subscribe to my BLOG.
  2. Follow me on Instagram– noagord0n

If you don’t have instagram don’t worry just make sure you follow step number 1. If you already have both steps complete you are ahead of the game! Yes, its super easy just two simple steps. I will be picking my winners (2) in 24 hours!



The giveaway chokers


Beauty Favorites

Hey ladies!

Hope your all having an amazing weekend. Wanted to show you my drug-store favorites I use on a daily basis. Looking beautiful and not breaking the bank… Don’t get me wrong I love my high-end make-up but not for my everyday look. These are just a few of my top favorites I use on a daily basis.


This Fall is all about the brown shades of  lipsticks, and I’m LOVING it! These NYX Lingerie lipsticks are so pigmented and look awesome. Just to know that they are matted, sometimes its better to add some chapstick before applying it. Moving on to  L’oread Foundation it stays on all day and gives you that natural glow! Best it doesn’t feel like you have any on. LA Girl Conceal has been my number one cream contour I always go to; it’s creamy and super lightweight. One of the best things it’s so CHEAP! I love to use it to contour the nose due to its fine tip.L’Oreal mascara is one my new favorite mascara. It has two sides to it; the one side is a base and the other side the mascara. This provides a super volumized and extended lash look. Nivea cream is yes a MEN’S after shave cream, but I have been using this as a face primer for years. It just set my foundation the best. Coty Airspun Powder is my lightweight setting powder with an awesome sheer coverage and a natural matte finish. Mario Badescu facial spray is my to go setting spray with awesome fragrant herbal extracts and rosewater smell. Lastly, is my white NYX Eye Pencil. I use the white cause it makes eyes pop more and gives it a natural look.

Have an awesome rest of the day, and thank you for passing by!