Motivate Yourself


Morning guys!

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend! Last week I didn’t have much time to workout, so today I’m back at it again.. Wanted to talk a bit about my workout routine, and hopefully answer some questions I have been receiving. So the most important thing with my workout routine is making sure im consistent, but at the same time make sure im not doing the same exercise and same thing everyday. The meaning of that is I don’t work out my whole body in a day, that would mean working out for a few hours.. haha

I start the week on a specific group of muscles, and each day I try to mix it up. Yes, I can admit I do certain exercise everyday; (abs) is done daily! Like to have those bad boys toned. (my goal one day to have that awesome 6 pack). I’m always on the hunt to try to exercise and new ways to push my body outside my comfort zone. How many days a week do I  work out people ask, I always say 4-5 times a week for an hour each day. I try to give myself the weekend off ; which are my resting days.  I usually workout first thing in the morning, ( when Scottie still asleep) or afternoon/evening.

The most important thing for me is being consistent and doing the best I can! Working out to me is about eating healthy and keeping your body healthy, and it builds lots of confidence! I know I feel 10 times better when I exercise and make it part of my daily life, it has helped me boost up my energy.

Thank you all for following, hope you all have an awesome day! If you want in-depth routine of my workout let me know, comment below!





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