DIY Toddler Busy Board

Hey, happy Saturday to all!

Today us the Gordon’s took a trip to our nearest Home Depot. I been wanting to do this busy board just needed to pick up the materials.


Scottie as of right now is very curious and wants to explore it all! Anything that catches his eye he immediately goes for it(either to touch or put in his mouth)… When does that stage end??

To keep Scottie occupied and out of things he shouldn’t go near, this busy board will help him explore new items. It will also be helpful with his fine motor skills. Fine motor skills is very important during this stage.Want him to be able to grab, pull, turn on/off, slide, lock, and open & close. The everyday life useful things.

I first painted the plywood, gave it three coats. Any paint would do if you want to paint it. After that I had my husband attach all gadgets all over the board either with screws or double-sided tape. Of course, we only included items that were safe!

Final product!

Love how it came out. I labeled it so it makes it easy to know what is what. Had to have my husband tell me some names cause I didn’t know there was so many different bolts.

IMG_3593 copy

The Gadgets

Mirror Light switch – fun to flip-up and down (and learning for the future to turn on/off the lights) it’s also mirror so he is able to see himself.

Velcro strip – a heavy-duty velcro strip. The sound and the rough texture for his hands while its making the loud sounds while ripping it off the board.

Door bell – the movement of pushing in an object

Two shower knobs – movement of having to turn your hand around side to side, if done fast enough it spins

Fine sanding block –the texture of the block being rough on one side and smooth on the sides.

Blot lock –the movement of sliding back and forth

Latch lock– another one that has the movement of open and close, and it has to be giving a bit of pressure of it to close

Slide bolt – another one that slides back and forth but its in a bigger handle to work with

Battery tap light – pushing in to see the light appear (turning on effect)

Chain door guard –the sliding right to left with a chain

Pulley system –pulling up and down on the rope

Door knob –movement of turning hand around side to side

Pull-chain plastic lamp -pulling down and hearing the click

Outside water nozzle -one of the hardest to do of turning hand side to side

Scottie was able to play with it this afternoon and he LOVED it! He was just so curious to see what everything did. I’m so excited to see how he will act tomorrow with it!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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